When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all by kelly.marie on Flickr.


I guess I’ll be the first to do this.. :P

YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL; your eyes are lovely, and you have an adorable smile :) Awww, I hope you have a really happy day todayyy!!


Want a relationship that lasts?  Guys, read Ephesians 5. Girls, read Proverbs 31.  You’re welcome.




i found your blog from a follower who followed someone who followed someone who followed someone who followed someone who followed someone who followed you

"I will love you with every bit of me. I will make you smile and sing to you until you sleep. I’ll be there when you wake up to tell you how beautiful you look with your hair all messy and your puffy, sleepy eyes. I will keep you close to me when you’re sad and I will hold you when you cry. And if you left, you’ll hurt and you’ll ache me, but I don’t think it’ll matter, because I’d rather have some of you - even if painful memories all what I will get to have - than nothing of you at all. And I know that my love for you won’t make the world end sooner or later than it’s already planned. I know that the wars will keep happening and people will still get their hearts broken. I know that it will not rain when we want it to.I know that in some places in the earth it never snows, but I will love you anyways."

Abraham M. Alghanem - Carrefour (via flimzy)
But I want you to be free from concern.: Okay, it's official.


I really like my sister’s friend’s older brother.

I should have seen it coming, because I’ve been friends with him for a long time now. I’ve known him for years too. I’ve always admired him for how well he played soccer, he was always quick in sprinting and I wanted to be better at soccer so I…


My Chemical Romance - Helena



I’ve been thinking this for a while.